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NEW! AdBack reveals your blocked Google Analytics data

On average, 15% of your Google Analytics data are blocked.
AdBack helps you recover a complete and reliable vision of your audience with the new Google Analytics connector.

Adblocking: where are we now?

ad blocker users


ad blocker users increase between 2012 and 2017

dollars of revenue lost per year

What are the impacts of ad blockers on websites?

Ads and retargeting blocked

Important advertising revenues loss

Elements of the website invisible

Distorted website, UX and marketing strategy affected

Conversion pixels blocked

Incomplete data, wrong marketing budgets

Analytics blocked (6 to 15%)

Invisible users, wrong statistics

Analyze 100% of your audience

with AdBack Data

An important part of your visitors uses an ad blocker. These users are invisible and can’t be reached with your usual tools.

With AdBack, benefit from unique and detailed statistics about this audience. Identify user profiles to win back this specific segment.


Audience with Adblock

Your usual tools are blocked. Your ads are not displayed and the ad blocker users are invisible in your analytics tools.


Audience without Adblock

Your ads are displayed and you’re using your usual solutions: for example, your ad server.


Audience analyzed by AdBack

AdBack analyzes 100% of your audience and takes action only on your audience with an ad blocker to unblock your usual solutions and to give you additional monetization opportunities.

Identify ad blocker user profiles

Identify up to 5 ad blocker user profiles from the most to the less open to advertising and adapt your actions to their expectations.

Unblock your premium campaigns

with AdBack Direct

AdBack Direct unblocks your premium and trade marketing campaigns. Thanks to our encryption technology, you can display your direct and autopromotion campaigns to your ad blocker users.

Unblock your premium campaigns with AdBack Direct
Diffuse native ads to your Adblock users with AdBack Ads

Display native ads to your Adblock users

with AdBack Ads

Take advantage of our advertisers flow to display non-intrusive ads with AdBack Ads.

Detect Adblock and ask for its deactivation

with AdBack Experience

Give a choice to your ad blocker users by proposing, for example, to watch a short video ad to access your content.

Detecte Adblock and ask the deactivation with AdBack Experience

Who are we?


AdBack is an analytics and monetization tool specialized on the ad blocker audience.

You’re a publisher, advertiser or e-commerce website?

AdBack gives you detailed statistics and solutions to monetize your audience while respecting your users.

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