Display native ads to Adblock users

With AdBack Ads

Target some user profiles

Target your most accepting ad blocker users to display them native ads with our advertisers flow.

This will significantly increase your ad revenues.

Display native ads to your Adblock users

In connection with our partner networks, we provide you with native or contextual advertising flow.
Display these native flows to fill your blocked ad placements or in addition to your existing placements.

In-feed native ads

Personalized product flow

Numerous formats for desktop and mobile

Display native ads with AdBack Ads

Our partner networks

    • Statistical monitoring: number of displays, earned income…
    • Display ads to fill your blocked ad placements or to complement your existing placements
    • Numerous formats available:
      300x250; 300x600; 970x250; Dynamic skin
    • Mobile formats compliant: 300x250; 320x50; 320x100
Benefit from detailed statistics about your ad blocker users

Coming soon

AdBack is moving towards programmatic! New connectors and partners to come. Organize your marketing campaigns around your adblockers users!

Take off in the end of 2018.

To be continued…

Monetize your inventory with AdBack Ads!