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Unblock your analytics data

More than 15% of your Google Analytics data are blocked by ad blockers.


yellow_wrong_adback Wrong campaign performance analysis

Yellow_dislike_adback Inaccurate decision-making based only on visible traffic

yellow_detective_adback A part of your audience is invisible

With AdBack:

Check_adback 100% of the data reported

 Data reported in your Google Analytics or AT Internet interfaceshare_cloud_adback

Free_illustration_adback Free service

Data & profiling

Unblock your DMP

With AdBack :

Check_adback Collect, segment and send Adblock data

Check_adback Specifically target the Adblock audience

Discover our analytics tool to better understand the Adblock audience

SSP / Adservers

Unblock your adserver / SSP

Consequences :

yellow_wrong_adback Non-generated ad revenues

yellow_wrong_adback Less performing campaigns

yellow_wrong_adback Around 30% of your audience unreachable

With AdBack :

Check_adback Give value to your Adblock audience

Check_adback Increase your visibility and revenues

Check_adback Easily and quickly unblock your campaigns

Discover our monetization solutions for the Adblock audience

Affiliation Platforms

Advertisers: unblock your campaigns

Retargeting and contextualization with AdBack:

Check_adback Better click trough rates (2 to 4 times higher than the classic audience)

Check_adback Target an exclusive and receptive audience on premium inventories

Check_adback Benefit from premium and exclusive placements during strong periods

Check_adback Get a better visibility compared to your competitors

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Ad Networks

Monetize your Adblock inventory with our ad networks


yellow_wrong_adback Non-generated advertising revenues

yellow_wrong_adback Less performing campaigns

yellow_wrong_adback Around 30% audience unreachable and non-analyzed

With AdBack:

Check_adback Respect the user (we target only the most open part of the audience with non-intrusive formats and a limited number of formats) 

Check_adback Increase your visibility and revenues 

Check_adback AdBack takes care of monetizing your blocked inventory 

Discover our monetization solutions for the Adblock audience

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