Unblock your premium campaigns

with AdBack Direct

Target all the user profiles

Thanks to our encryption technology, you can display your premium and autopromotion campaigns to your ad blocker users.

Target all ad blocker user profiles, from the less reluctant to the most open to advertising with quality and high-valued campaigns, and increase your inventory of 30%.

Display your premium campaigns to Adblock users


AdBack Direct, without AdBack no ads


AdBack Direct displays your premium campaigns

Develop your inventory

By targeting ad blocker users increase your impressions and reach faster your campaign objectives. Unblock 30% of your global inventory and benefit from higher CPM than in programmatic.

Integrate easily

Thanks to our DFP and Smart AdServer connections, you don’t have to reschedule your campaigns. All your statistics are gathered in your adserver interface. No duplication, save your time!

Analyze precisely

Ad blockers also block analytics scripts. AdBack encrypts your conversion pixels so that you can collect 100% of data about the performances of your campaigns.

Display your autopromo campaigns with AdBack Direct

Display your autopromotion campaigns

Benefit from free traffic towards the pages of your choice, organize competition gmaes for all your visitors including your ad blocker users.

Use AdBack Direct to reach your ad blocker users with your direct campaigns,
your special operations, competition games, or even your own API product flow!

Use AdBack Ads

To display respectful ads to your adblockers users