Detect Adblock and ask for its deactivation

With AdBack Experience

Target the most open users

Some users install an ad blocker to protect themselves or to block too intrusive advertising on certain websites. Your website may be a collateral damage.

With AdBack Experience, by displaying a custom message, propose alternative solutions to advertising to your most accepting ad blocker users in order to access your content.

Customize your message

Propose alternative solutions to advertising iin order to access your content with AdBack Experience
Many customization options:

  • Choose colors, images, gifs, add your logo
  • Choose the format you like: centered, header, footer
  • Define the message to be addressed to your ad blocker users
  • Choose to completely or partially block the access to your content

Numerous targeting options: 

  • Define a capping (hourly, daily …)
  • Choose from how many pageviews to display your message
  • Target visitors by the origin of the traffic
  • Target users based on the type of ad blocker
  • Set perimeters to display different messages accordingly to visited pages

Propose alternatives to your ad blocker users to access your content



Tutorial to disable the ad blocker and put your site on a whitelist.


Watch a video. Broadcast your own video stream or ours.

Premium subscription to your website. Redirect to the subscription page.

Subscription to web push notifications of your site.


Redirect to a sponsored content or a page of your choice.

Subscribe to your newsletter or another mailing list.

Results with AdBack


of additional subscriptions


of recovered advertising revenues


of ad blocker deactivation vs competitors solutions

Dialogue with your ad blocker users