Monetize your Adblock traffic

with AdBack Monetization

Two combinable monetization options

AdBack takes care of monetizing your blocked inventory by unblocking your campaigns

and/or display our partners advertising flow.


AdBack adserving

You manage the monetization,
we unblock your campaigns.

We act as a technology to unblock your direct, autopromo, retail marketing or programmatic campaigns via private deals.


AdBack marketplace

Let us monetize your blocked inventory
we take care of everything.

We optimize the monetization of your inventory with our advertising partners and in programmatic via private deals specifically dedicated to the adblock audience on our private marketplace.

 Connect your advertising tools and monetize your Adblock traffic!

Monetize and don’t forget to respect.

  Spread hardblockers

  Minimize the ad files size

  Avoid auto-play formats

  Securely serve advertisements

  Limit the number of formats per page 

  Focus on non-intrusive formats


Understand profiles to better adjust.

AdBack adapts the advertising strategy according to the different Adblock user profiles.

Our solutions meet your requirements

Revenues increase


Respect of users

First Party technology

RGPD compliant

Flexible solution

And what about independant WordPress websites?

Suggest disabling the adblock or clicking on an ad to access the website through the display of a message.

No configuration, the message is automatically displayed when you activate our solution.

Available on WordPress.