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Increase your traffic while respecting your ROI objectives


Display your campaigns on premium websites with various themes and large audiences.


Access an audience never touched by your messages. AdBack targets Adblock users who are receptive to advertising.


Invest in risk-free and controlled models.

of potential monthly impressions

CTR 4 times higher on the adblock audience vs on the classic audience


acceptation on the targeted audience

An exclusive audience

The Adblock audience: never targeted but still receptive to your messages.

36% of Internet users are invisible and inaccessible due to adblockers. With more than 419 million Adblock users in the world, the adblocking phenomenon makes us realize that the current advertising system isn’t appropriate anymore. It has to become more qualitative and more transparent.

AdBack targets the most receptive Adblock users.

70% of these users are receptive to respectful and non-intrusive ads. AdBack unblocks your ad inventory on that unique audience and proposes respectful ad formats which don’t disrupt the browsing experience. At AdBack, less advertising pressure means better performances! 

 They trust us

AdBack respects users

3 formats per page

Low advertising pressure = more receptive audience! In a logic of respect and performance, AdBack minimizes the number of formats per page. 

Targeting of the most open users

Thanks to our technology, we identify 5 Adblock users profiles from the most to the less receptive. Thus, AdBack can target only users who accept non-intrusive ads. 

Non-intrusive formats

Our formats: 








GDPR compliant

AdBack is GDPR compliant. Our solution retrieves the consent givent through the IAB Framework. If we don’t have user consent, we don’t display targeted ads. However 88% of Adblock users give their consent.

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Respect of users

First Party technology

GDPR compliant

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