Monetize your website in 1 click

With One Click Adblock Monetization

Today, 1 in 4 users has an adblocker. Your website suffers from an important ad revenues loss.

AdBack offers to monetize each adblock visit by proposing alternatives accepted by users!

Monetize every visit thanks to our message

Detect your visitors blocking ads and display them a message to offer two choices to access your site:

disable the adblocker or click on an ad to continue the ad-free navigation until the next visit.

Set up in 3 clicks

No integration, no technical skills required: fast and easy.

Monetize instantly

Touch an unreachable target
and monetize more, in less time.

Monetize every time

Thanks to the adblocker deactivation or thanks to the ad click.

Measure results

At a glance, discover how many visitors have chosen to click on the ad to access your website and how much revenue was generated.

In any case, you monetize your site with the adblocker deactivation (ads on your website are displayed again) or with the click on the ad. Monetization and performance guaranteed!

Propose innovative alternatives that respect your users

Advertising is the main force to guarantee the survival of your websites. However the overload of ads pushed a part of visitors to block them. AdBack lets you win back those resisting to classic ads.

Leave the choice of access to your website. Your visitors can choose to continue their navigation by deactivating their adblocker on your website, proof they trust your website quality and the advertisements on it.

They also can choose to click on the ad to access your site. This click offers to your visitors to continue browsing with the adblocker enabled and thus without ads until their next visit.