Adserver and DMP connector

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Adserver and DMP

Track your adblocker users across your different technological tools.

Step 1. Generate the pixel

Generate a pixel for an event (adblocker activation ou adblocker deactivation) in your DMP or ad server (Smart AdServer, DFP).

You can add the following variables:

  • random: ~~RANDOM~~
  • screen resolution: ~~SCREEN~~
  • time (23x59x59 for 23:59:59): ~~TIME~~

Step 2. Add it to your AdBack back office

Go to your AdBack back office and add the pixel:

  • to follow adblocker activations: here
  • to follow adblocker deactivations: here

Step 3. Create segments

You can then create user segments in your tools to set up specific and targeted actions.