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On average, 15% of your Google Analytics data are blocked by adblocker users and don’t appear in the analytics tool’s interface. This rate can change depending on your audience and the share of your traffic on desktop/mobile. AdBack offers a Google Analytics connector to let you trace this ghost audience.

How to recover 100% of my data in Google Analytics?

Step 1. Integrate AdBack to your site

  • If you have a WordPress website

1. Install the AdBack plugin.
2. Follow the indications and create your account.
3. At the step “choice of the solution”, a green button shows the monetization solution. This solutions, once activated, will automatically display a message to your adblocker users offering them two options: turning off their adblocker or clicking on an ad to access your content. (You get paid for each click). If you don’t want to display this message on your site, choose the advanced mode (see below).

  • If you have a WordPress website

Please refer to our our technical documentation to install AdBack.


Step 2. Send us your Google Analytics ID

Once AdBack integrated to your website, it’s easy. Just send us your Google Analytics property ID (it looks like UA-000000-2).

Then everything is configured on our side. We’ll add your ID to our back office and will unblock the data that will be directly available in your Google Analytics interface. Depending on the adblocking rate on your site, you will see more or less important trafic increase.


How to identify adblocker users in Google Analytics?


1. Events

You can see the different types of blocking (adblock user with a whitelist, corporate or network-based adblocker, Google Analytics blocking only, etc.) in the main events tab in Google Analytics.

2. UTM

We add a UTM parameter (exemple : utm_medium=adback) to the URL visited by blockers so that you can identify them easily.

The UTM will be added to your URL or will replace the medium UTM if you already have one.