Smart AdServer: Display your direct campaigns to your adblockers users

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Smart AdServer


With the  Smart AdServer <> AdBack connector, deliver your direct premium campaigns to adblockers users. These banners replace blocked placements to help you regain lost revenues from your blocked campaigns.

Step 1: create a new placement in your Smart AdServer interface

In order to help you differentiate reporting, we recommend that you create a new placement. On your Smart AdServer interface, create a specific page, for example “Adblock”.  It will also be easier to identify the insertions available on this placement.

Step 2: create a new placement in your AdBack interface

  • Go to the Monetization > Configuration > Placements part in your AdBack back office
  • Add a new placement
  • Name it, following the recommandations
  • The size doesn’t matter, the size of your banner configured in Smart AdServer will be used
  • Save changes

Step 3: activate Smart AdServer in your placement

  • In the list of the solutions, activate Smart AdServer
  • Define a name (for example: Smart AdBack)
  • Enter the call type related to the formats (you’ll find this information in your Smart AdServer interface in the Administration Sites and pages part)
  • Enter your siteId, pageId formatId
  • The target is an optional parameter that can be present in you Smart AdServer tag
  • Save changes

Step 4: add the data-iab-tag to your pages

Add the data-iab-tag to your pages. Make sure you use the same placement name as defined in step 2. Follow the technical documentation to learn how to add the tag to your pages.

Step 5: display your campaigns

The current set-up remains unchanged in your Smart interface. You just need to add your new page to the desired insertions already in place. For your non-adblock audience, your configurations remain unchanged.

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