Does consent collected from users of adblockers?

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Adblock and user consent

Most of consent messages aren’t blocked by adblockers. Adblockers users can give their consent or not for data collect. However, many websites load their CMP via a tag manager (as Google Tag Manager for example). Some adblockers block items loaded through tag manager, as well as analytics tool like Google Analytics. We estimate the blocking rate at 15% on average.

AdBack can find the blocking rate of your CMP.

In the case where the CMP is blocked, the consent message isn’t displayed and the website can’t collect consent or refusal.

So, is the adblockers’ consent rate lower than average as we might imagine? The answer is yes, but the rate is not that low. At AdBack, we account for an average consent rate of 84% (source: AdBack aggregated data).

Contrary to what some people may think, refusing to collect their data does not mean that you will not be subject to advertising. These will be different ads, not using your data for targeting.

At AdBack, how does it work?

Our solution is integrated into First Party websites, it is up to the publisher to collect the consent of its users. We act as a technology to unblock ads served by ad networks.