What is AdBack?

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What is AdBack?

Our goal

AdBack is a technological tool that has two goals:

  • provide websites with loads of data about their adblock audience
  • offer websites monetization solutions to reach this audience invisible in other tools

Our technology is effective since it’s unblockable by adblockers and is available in open source and through different plugins (WordPress and Drupal). Our tool connects to the multitude of technological and monetization tools used by publishers (ad servers, DMP, CRM, video players…)

As a content publisher, you want to engage durably your audience in order to finance your site. At AdBack, we want to ensure the access to content for free and for the long-term and find a balance between you and Internet users.

Our statistics

Our analytics tool is 100% free. On your AdBack dashboard, you can access loads of data about your audience. Learn more about the statistics.

Our tool identifies 5 adblockers profils, from the most to the least refractory to advertising. We do not display ads to anti-ad and hard users in their adblocking strategy. On the other hand, a large part is ready to receive advertising if it is not intrusive.

We also unblock your Google Analytics Data which are blocked on 15% of your audience.

Our monetization solutions

AdBack allows you to address to your adblock audience to recover your revenue lost to adblockers. Here are the solutions:

  • AdBack Direct : Display your autopromo banners and your direct ads to your adblocking audience. We are connect to your adserver to serve only premium campaigns.
  • AdBack Ads : Display non-intrusive ads with networks partners (Adikteev, AdYouLike…)
  • AdBack Experience : Deliver an educational message to adblockers offering alternatives to ads

  • AdBack One Click Adblock Monetization : Post an automatic message that offers adblocker deactivation or click on ads to access your website! The solution is set up automatically, no configuration needed.

We also offer a programmatic solution! Our Rubicon and AppNexus connectors are coming soon…

Get a free estimation of your revenus!

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