RoadMap-Where should I Start ?

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You want to use AdBack and don’t know where to start? Follow the guide!

1. Installation

You can integrate AdBack in different ways depending on your situation.

If you’re in trouble, contact us.

2. Data analysis

Once the installation done, your data will start coming up in your dashboard. You can wait and collect data for a few days to have a better idea of the impact of adblockers on your site. Then you’ll be able to choose which monetisation solutions to implement. You can also set up the monetization solution in parallel to your analysis.

3. Solutions set up / monetization test

After the analysis of your audience behavior or depending on the solutions you want to test, you can set up on part or all of your site:

4. Analysis and roll-out

After this test phase, you’ll be able to choose, depending on the results if a global roll-out would be relevant.