How to activate ArianeLab notifications?

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Activate ArianeLab notifications

Ask your visitors to activate web notifications

Websites often offers to users to enable notifications to be alerted to website news in their browser, but this message is blocked by adblockers.

Thanks to our partnership with ArianeLab, you can now offer notifications to your adblocker visitors!

Only available in France for now. 

Step 1 – Choose the format and theme of the message

In your AdBack account, click on create a new message in order to access to the configuration

Select the format and theme for your message.

WARNING! ArianeLab notifications only work with this following themes:

Please contact us if you want a “Template Specific” as the example below:

Step 2: Customize your design

Upload your logo, banner, and colors to your site.

Step 3: Customize your text

Fill in the text to be displayed in the header and message.

Step 4: Select the “ArianeLab Notification” option

In section “5. Propose different solutions” of the message interface, tick “enable notifications” by filling in the notification subscription URL.

Notifications are limited to 4 per month