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In-feed native

Note : Read the technical documentation about in-feed native here.

The in-feed native is a ready-to-use monetization solution. You can display native and contextualized ads in replacement of your adblocked placements or in addition to your actual placements. Our in-feed native formats are unblockable and will be displayed to your adblocker users.
The ad to display is selected after analyzing your URL to identify keywords and display ads related to your content.

How to set up the in-feed native?

1. Insert the script of in-feed native into the source code of your site (here is the technical documentation)

2. Contact us so that we can activate the flow on our side

3. Once the flow is ready, we’ll let you know and you’ll be able to activate the in-feed native in the AdBack back office:

  • here: tick “activate the products” and save
  • and here: edit the site, tick “activate the products” and save

Example of native and contextualized format: if your site is about new technologies and IoT you could have this type of contextualized ads: