Premium banners displayed to your adblocker users

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Premium banners

Note : read our technical documentation about premium banners here


With premium banners, display your auto-promo banners or your own direct campaigns to your adblocker user.

Premium banners replace classic banner on the blocked placements to let you recover your revenue lost to adblockers.

Step 1. Insert the script

Developers will place the banner script into the source code of the site, in the appropriate placements. They’ll have to name these placements and give these names to the person in charge of configuring the campaigns in the AdBack back office.

We advise to name them with the following method for greater clarity. Thus, you’ll know exactly where the banner will be displayed and its size:

-> location _ dimension _ campaign promo name

-> for example : header_728x90_actu

Read the technical documentation here.

Step 2. Create your campaign

Before setting up your premium campaigns, ask for their name to the developers or the persons who inserted the scripts into the site. Then, go to the AdBack back office, in the tab Monetisation > Banner promotion ads. You just have to fill in:

  • Name: name your banner to easily identify it in the list
  • URL: indicate the redirect link
  • Link type: decide to open a new tab or not when someone clicks on the banner
  • Banner: add the creative (8mb max, gif, png, jpeg, jpg)
  • Enabled: tick the bow to publish the banner after you save
  • Placement: enter the exact name that the developers will give you (ex : header_728x90_actu)
  • Only for adblocker: define if you want to display this banner only to adblocker users or to all users

Step 3. Manage your different campaigns

Once configured, your banners will appear on a list. You’ll have all the information at a glance:

  • the uploaded banners
  • their status
  • their diffusion
  • their placement