What is the Custom Message?

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Custom message

The custom message is the pop-in appearing on adblocker users screen. The message can be different depending on the profile of the targeted user. You can add deactivation features or propose alternatives to advertising to recover your revenue:

Create a message and propose different solutions to your users:

  • Answer a survey
  • Paywall
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Watch a video ad to access content
    • propose your own video flow
    • use our video flow
  • Custom solution

You can personalize your message with colors, logos, texts and several templates and themes.

Several configurations are possible:

  • display a thank you message
  • block partially or totally the access to your content to adblocker users
  • define a capping and a number of page views before displaying the message
  • include or exclude in your target users coming from social networks, from a particular source…
  • define perimeters to display the message on specific pages

Here are some examples of the different message formats: