How to install the AdBack plugin on WordPress?

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AdBack WordPress plugin

AdBack proposes a very easy ready-to-use solution for all the WordPress website owners. AdBack’s plugin can be downloaded  here for free. It allows all the WordPress website owners to use AdBack’s solution directly from the WordPress interface where the main data are displayed. The user can also access at every moment all the detailed statistics on the AdBack dashboard.

AdBack WordPress plugin here

How to install the AdBack plugin on WordPress?

1. Download the plugin here.

2. Connect to your WordPress interface in admin mode and go to the “Plugins” tab and “Add new”. Then click on “Upload Plugin” at the top of the page

3. You can upload from your computer the AdBack plugin recently downloaded by clicking on “choose file”. Choose the zip folder “”
4. Once the document selected, click on “Install now”. WordPress will install the plugin. Once installed, click on “Activate Plugin”
5. Follow the the instructions, indicate the email address where you want to receive your account information and then choose the solution your want to use.

Solution 1: One Click Adblock Monetization : recommended solution to quickly and easily monetize your adblock audience with a message offering two possibilities: to turn off the adblocker or to click on an ad to access the website
Solution 2: AdBack solution to Adblock : solution for advanced users requiring a technical intervention to set up monetization solutions

6. The plugin is finally installed. You now have an AdBack tab on your WordPress interface with a “statistics” part where you’ll find the main graphics and a “message” part where you’ll be able to set up the custom message to display to your adblocker users. On WordPress, you have the access to the main features and statistics. To access the detailed statistics and the advanced features, go to your dashboard on AdBack.

How to change solution on the AdBack plugin?

If you chose the wrong solution or simply want to change it, it is possible. Go to Settings > Change of solution and click the button to change.